Charter Flight Productions Team

Trish Audette-Longo is a former Edmonton Journal and Postmedia reporter who has worked in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and the United Kingdom. Her current research focuses on media representations of diversity. For more on her research, visit her website here.

In the documentary, she notes the Charter and Bill 60 have prompted conversations inside and outside Quebec that have serious consequences and demand further unpacking and questioning. She holds that these conversations also present possibilities for resistance and cross-cultural engagement.

Mariam Esseghaier began documenting events related to the Charter of Quebec Values in the autumn of 2013, producing online videos and blog posts. Her research focuses on the fashion and consumption practices of Muslim women in Montreal. Her research blog can be found here and her youtube channel can be found here

Marie-Eve Lefebvre is a Montreal-based CHOQ-UQAM radio host. She is an editor of and contributor to Le journal des alternatives ( Her research is in religion, media and South Asian popular culture.


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